Let’s pretend you never left
And I never let you go
That the words shares between us never resonated bitterness nor anger
The only distance between us is misunderstanding
Let’s pretend memories were not made, emotions were not stirred & promises kept
Let’s pretend we are not who we once were


As Am I

What happen to the words in my heart
That kept me up at night
The fire that burned in my eyes, searing through my skin
A fearless sort of truth needing to be told
Affected by years of concealing, hidden truths,
Desperate lies
Don’t come to me asking for my words
They are gone. As am I


Me, frustrated: “I cannot just be your friend.”
Him: “Why not?” dumbfounded.
Me, *Exasperated sigh*
“Because I am in love with you, you idiot.
I am still and will forever be in love with you.

Recklessly, irrevocably, irresponsibly in love with you. I am engulfed in a madness that feeds off of my love for you; for our love does not exist without a little madness.

I have loved you since the dawn of time, before time ever even existed.
Where Angels and Demons, heaven and hell came alive.
A medium where Souls were being created and paired up with their mates.

A deep longing, a divine yearning cried out for you
A plea, a bargain struck with God
You appeared and I existed.

BC, AD, Medieval, Victorian, Renaissance, etc. They all came and went, not specifically in that order and we were bound together.
Destinies intertwined. We found each other; time any time again, our fates lead us into each other’s paths. This I know, I feel it in the depths of my Soul and I know that you feel it too. That’s why when we finally returned to each other again you knew me. You did not know how, or when or why; but deep down you knew me, and I, you.

July, 2012 <– We intertwined again. We existed.

What was previously broke, now mended.
What was once half, became whole.
What was covered in darkness, bathed in light.

Everything made sense once again; because of a long awaited hello, a familiar smile, a loving lingering stare.
I was reborn.

Don't you see? I exist because of you, and I shall perish because of you.
But do not ask me to be your friend, do not ask me to be a simple piece of a puzzle in your life; because that is not what I was created for.
We were created to coexist. And if that is not how it shall be now then our souls will exist again, in another place; another time. Just like out ancestors had once said about
You and I;
I and You,
One and the same;