#WriteYourselfAlive – Question 8 & Question 9

Question 8:- Where do you write best and under what conditions? If you could have it all, describe your writing sanctuary. What (If anything) is keeping you from creating this daily haven, right now? How can you come as close as possible to it, without having to undergo any major lifestyle surgery?

As an emotionally-inspired writer, my most ideal situation is holed up in my room, music ringing through my headphones [Most likely Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley], sprawled out across the floor and under stress from a circumstance that has just happened.

Having said that, and just now realizing how important it is to take the location into consideration; I think a more healthier and relaxing environment would be a workspace or a book shop. A room filled with books where I can draw inspiration from by diving into the minds of the old and taking a new spin on their thoughts, views. A place filled with the aroma of rich and tasteful coffee beans; with the noise of people chatting and walking by that can easily distract me, as I observe their conversations, gestures, facial expressions.

My biggest problem facing my writing is the timing, patience and understanding. Location is an easy fix, as living in Dubai we definitely have no shortage of coffee shops and/or workspaces to work out of. Timing relates to two main problems areas: My ever demanding job that keeps me tied up in some event or another and the responsibilities of my family and having to spend time with them. I lack the understanding that in order to write decently, I need to make the time and effort into it and the patience in order to do so.

I don’t believe I have to make a drastic change to my life, it’s more of a little shuffling of what I do and allocation of time.

Question 9:- What would be your ideal writing schedule and what is currently keeping you from doing the work every day? Frequency? Time of day? Are there any days of the week when you are able to write more than others? Can you create a realistic but optimistic weekly writing schedule right now and try to stick to it, for the life (And art) of you? The mort constant and consistent you are, the more your muse will follow and your writing will improve.

My ideal writing schedule would be a 2 hour sitting in the evening, 2-3 times per week, switching off all technology and diving into the subconscious and hopefully making it back alive. I don’t think this is such a difficult thing to manage, as I said; it is all a matter of time management.


One thought on “#WriteYourselfAlive – Question 8 & Question 9

  1. As my mind was thinking ahead of sharing how I would answer these question, U realized that we have similar thought when I reached your concluding lines. I’m not so good friends with technology 😉

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