#WriteYourself Alive – Question 10 A & B

Question 10 A:- What are 3 writing projects/goals you would like to create/accomplish in the next 5 years? Please, be unrealistic about this. Extraordinary things don’t happen by chance. They happen to people bold enough to believe and attempt them. Your time on this planet is limited. If you’re going to try anyway, you might as well go for your wildest dream. Whether it comes true or not shouldn’t determine your ability to imagine it.

I would like to creative bodies of work in these 3 areas;

  • A fiction novel,
  • A book about Sports & Sociology within the UAE,
  • A Song writer &/or Script writer for film &/or movie

Question 10 B:- Based on the 3 projects you annotated above, what would be your overall mission for your writing – how does it fit in the bigger picture and what can it give to the world? How about your vision for yourself as a writer – what do you want the world (Or universe) to give you in return? How do you see both, your writing mission + vision combined in a more alive version of you, 5 years into the future? How about 10 years?

My Vision –  To create a body of work that reaches into the depths of someone’s soul, somewhere so desolate there is no escape but for a few words written in a book that comes alive in their minds. To show that not only are they not alone but that this too shall pass.

Mission – To use the written word to change the way the citizens of the UAE view literature, that there is magic and beauty, creativity and innovation waiting for them between pen and paper. To give those that are unable a voice, in order for each of them to pave their own paths ahead of them; personal or otherwise.

I suppose once I am able to put out my own experiences, I hope the universe allows it to reach those poor souls that need what I needed when I did. And in return? I hope that they contact me! I would love to know their own stories and maybe, just maybe there is a story lying within them that can be inspired into reality!

In 5 or 10 years from now? I’d love to say I’ve got this plan all laid out with respective dates along with it; but in all honesty I barely know where I am going to be tomorrow! So for now, I will put this part of the question on hold; and as I dive into this writing course and find my own voice, I will revisit and let you know!


One thought on “#WriteYourself Alive – Question 10 A & B

  1. You never know dearest writer, you may have already included others’ stories in your writings without having to know their history. You’ll be amazed to how many people you will relate to!
    I’m like you and don’t plan much ahead yet I believe for some things one must plan jotting down dates and deadlines 🌹

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